The Devon Kershaw Show: The World Cup is back — so is the show

Devon KershawFebruary 28, 2022

Has it really been a week since the Olympics already? The World Cup’s furious schedule forges on with more racing this weekend in Lahti, Finland. Special guest host, Finnish Olympic gold medalist Sami Jauhojaervi, joins us to break down those results and other Finnish highlights from this season.

We also cover results from the World Junior Championships in the early part of the podcast, and finish with a brief discussion of how cross-country skiing is handling Russian participation on the World Cup circuit given the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

You can email us at and We’re still hoping to catch up with an Olympic mailbag episode soon once things settle down.

Finland’s Sami Jauhojärvi crosses the line ahead of Russia’s Nikita Kriukov to win a gold medal in the Sochi Olympic team sprint in 2014.

Devon Kershaw

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