6 Tips for Parents on a Family Skiing Trip

FasterSkierMay 25, 2022

Is it your first time going on a ski trip with your loved ones? So, before scratching this itch make sure to know all about the skiing sport.

Are you going on a family skiing trip soon? Then, you are spot on time.

A ski trip is a thrilling adventure. However, the tables can turn pretty quickly if you miss out on minor yet fundamental details before heading to ski resorts.

Therefore, if you are traveling with kids or toddlers, then the preparations go beyond dressing up warmly. For instance, give your children a shot of an immunity boost. So, they don’t feel sick at higher altitudes or under changed environmental conditions.

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Don’t dwell on it, if you are a first-time or experienced skier, the enlisted tips below will make your skiing vacation stress-free.

1.  The Ski- Resort:

It is crucial to do a little research before heading to the ski resort. If it’s your first time then accordingly experts, go to a place with fewer crowds. Make sure to look into your budget and plan accordingly.

If you are new to skiing then a small resort would do. However, if you are an expert skier then go to a ski resort where the terrain is available. This way, it will be easier for you to balance the whole trip. How so?

You will be able to spend time with your loved ones while not compromising on your ski trip. Ski at your favorite runs while keeping an eye out for your kids simultaneously.

·      Chairlift Hours:

Many ski schools also provide lift tickets with some lessons. It is important to check the tickets with the school before making the purchase! Also, the initial chairlift timings are in the early hours of the morning. Therefore, make sure to book a resort that has minimal driving time. Why does it matter?

It does matter because you don’t want to be waking up kids before dawn or driving back home in bad weather conditions.

·      Bonus Tip:

You should get the ski-in or ski-out facility. This will save you from the hassle of going back and forth. Moreover, if you take your kids to ski school then wear waterproof outerwear to brave the cold.

This way, you will not have to load your car with gear. Moreover, enjoy quality time with your family instead of finding a nearby parking spot.

·      Check Out The Location Of the Ski Resort:

It is also important to know about the site of ski resorts. Many ski resorts are located in remote areas. Hence, it is recommended to check out the location before heading out on a ski trip with your family.

Canadian national-team member Cendrine Browne (r) hanging with her teammates Katherine Stewart-Jones (l) and Dahria Beatty at a training camp in Tremblant, Quebec, in May. (Photo: Dahria Beatty)
La membre de l’équipe nationale canadienne Cendrine Browne (D) en compagnie de ses coéquipières Katherine Stewart-Jones (G) et Dahria Beatty lors d’un camp d’entraînement à Tremblant, Québec, en mai. (Photo: Dahria Beatty)

2.  The Ski Training:

It is crucial to reserve a spot in the ski school for quick, effective training before going on a family ski trip.

This way, your kids get to have the best time and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Don’t gamble on this part as Skiing is an adventurous sport. Thus, the training is mandatory or the least some basic training is the only option before gearing up for a skiing adventure.

If you are skilled enough to ski then you can teach your kids how to ski stress-free. It will make the entire procedure less stressful. Let your kids get the hold of pizza wedges down then its smooth sailing from there.


3.  Dress Up Warmly:

This doesn’t come as a surprise, right?

Of course, you have to spiff up warmly. It is not an exception but a compulsory condition. Do you know what they say?

Nothing burns like the cold.

Therefore, save yourself from the wintry weather by packing up nicely. Are you used to the cold wintry weather? Then, good for you. However, if you are not then here’s the pro tip:

v Bundle Up:

We all know what it means to layer up! However, this time layer it up in the following manner:

  • Get waterproof outerwear to ski boots.
  • Don’t forget the premium-quality gloves.
  • Invest in high-quality wool ski socks.
  • The thermal undergarments & hoodies to not freeze your butts off!

It is crucial to not gamble on this part as there is cold but then there’s cold! So, prepare yourself with the pertinent gear before hitting the snow!

4.  Find the Child and Adult Discounts:

Yes, it’s a thing at Ski resorts.

Do you know some resorts also offer free skiing for kids? Therefore, research well before making a reservation in a ski resort!

It is recommended to look out for the discounts for the senior to youngest members of your family. The famous mountains also provide the best discounts. The age factor comes into play while searching for discounts as well. Make sure to look out for resorts that offer reduced prices at skiing for senior citizens.

Recreational backcountry. (Photo: Phillip Belena)

5.  Don’t Forget to Explore:

Don’t isolate yourself with limited options. You can do so much more than skiing only.

You should go out and explore other things to reward your journey. It is highly recommended to explore the nearby areas and not just hit the slopes. You can plan some down days as well to try various outdoor activities.

Many ski resorts hold different competitions such as chocolate chip cookies & you can also discover ski towns to spend an afternoon sledding with your kids.

6.  Vitamins & Natural Remedies:

You can always count on honey and tea to gargle warm salt water to cure sore throat and overcome cold.

It is important to not ignore any such health conditions on your trip. Make sure you and your kids are hydrated properly. Also, you can get vitamins and natural remedies from Little Spoon. If your toddler has a runny nose then make sure to get carefully sourced vitamins.

You can also apply Little Spoon Promo Code to lessen the prices on your online purchase.

About The Author:

Nora Davies is a health coach. She loves to travel and ski with her husband & two kids. She also shares tips for parents who love to travel. She likes to read and discover insightful facts regarding different tourist places.






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