How to Bet on Cross-Country Skiing Intelligently

FasterSkierJuly 12, 2022
The men’s podium after Stage 5 of the Tour de Ski: Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (NOR) took the win ahead of Iivo Niskanen (FIN) in second and Alexey Chervotkin (RUS) in third. (Photo: NordicFocus)

Cross country skiing is a popular sport in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Due to the nature of this sport, you don’t have much time to place your bets. Therefore the winter sport requires you to bet intelligently. From knowing the over under to considering the last season’s stats, there are a few things to consider.

Follow the tours

The schedule for cross country skiing is often short. Therefore bettors need to use the time to the maximum. The FIS Tour is something you want to have in mind when wagering. This sport gained massive popularity around the Winter Olympics and World Championship. This tournament contains various races, held at different venues every week. The races are pretty complex, even for the most experienced bettors. The players put their speed and endurance to the test, and the outcome can be somewhat surprising. Due to the different factors that impact the race flow and course, the results will fluctuate drastically. Therefore betting fans will have lots of work on their hands. They need to research the previous results of the participants. This will help them better understand and predict the outcome in both male and female categories.



As with other sports, analyzing before betting is required. You would want to know more about the skiers, their past performance, and factors that might influence their results. You would like to check how a specific participant has performed throughout the seasons. Furthermore, it would be best if you discovered whether someone has had an injury and how their recovery is going. Also, it would be best if you analyzed which teams are strong and would likely achieve excellent results. 

Consider the big events

Cross country skiing is unlike any other sport. This sport is quite limited, meaning there are not many sports events. With this, sports betting enthusiasts will keep their focus on significant events. The Winter Olympics and World Championship are important events to track in this sport. 

Before the Winter Olympics, the competitors will practice for four years. Since no other significant events exist in this sport, you should expect to see their best performance. Unlike football, where you might consider that a specific player has already spent their energy, the participants are very prepared. No prior event will take their stamina or leave them with injuries. 

Unpredictable nature

We have already explored how cross-country skiing is quite an unpredictable sport. About 100 participants will participate in a race, which is pretty challenging to predict the outcome. However, there will always be the chosen favorites per race. With the sport being unpredictable, it adds more excitement to betting. Picking a winner can be very difficult when the conditions can drastically change. However, betting smartly will increase your chances of winning. Even with minimal bets, you have the opportunity to win big.

With so many participants per race, the odds can provide valuable insights. With different bets available, it is all about choosing the smartest ones. You might not go for the most vital winner. Instead, opt for a participant who finishes on the podium but doesn’t win the race. 


With relatively high odds that can get to 40/1 for wins, betting might seem a little tricky. However, it is better to go for each win with ¼ of the odds. This intelligent strategy has proven profitable in a dynamic sport like cross country skiing. Even with a minimal bet, you can win money. Also, it is better to explore the betting niches before choosing one option. 



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