NFL Players Who Ski

FasterSkierJuly 12, 2022
For athletes used to the confines of a court or pitch, it is a breath of fresh air to be able to get outside and explore the mountains.

Skiing fans know that football and their favorite sport are connected. Their seasons overlap, which is one of the ways they feel connected. Many sports enthusiasts enjoy and spread ski lodge during nfl week 1. On the other hand, we can notice some NFL players enjoying themselves on the mountain slopes. However, skiing isn’t a common practice. Not many NFL players will try skiing because they want to keep their health in excellent condition. After all, they earn millions from what they do, and we know that skiing can be pretty dangerous. Any injury can put them off, making them lose money. We have seen many players ending their NFL careers just because of an injury.

On the other hand, signing a contract for the NFL makes it clear for players to avoid risky activities. This is clearly indicated in the contract. If a player wants to become part of the NFL, they can’t participate in high-risk sports. Some of the sports indicated are car racing, boxing, mountain climbing, wrestling, and skydiving. Moreover, water and snow skiing are also on the list. Even though players are forbidden from skiing, some of them have participated in this sport.


Drew Bledsoe

Out of the players on this list, Bledsoe is the one that has the strongest relation with skiing. And it is easy to see why. Drew did not only show his fantastic football skills on the field. He showed a fantastic performance in skiing, thanks to his physique. We already explained that the NFL limits their players for skiing as signed in their contract. However, Drew found a way to go around these limitations. His contract stated that he would need to pay a large sum in case of an injury during skiing. However, this didn’t stop him from participating in this winter sport. Drew got a particular insurance policy that got him covered during his ski holiday. The public was quite amazed at this statement. Nevertheless, he didn’t stop there. Drew started a ski business together with partners. He didn’t have a vision for growing a large company in the skiing industry. However, Drew had a chance to enjoy what he was doing and earn some money. As he stated in an interview, these were his goals. 


Tom Brady

Even if you aren’t a Patriot fan, you certainly know that Brady is keen on skiing. This player loves skiing, so we can also notice from his social media accounts. Outside of the Super Bowls, he likes to enjoy the mountain slopes. For now, he has won six Super Bowls, setting the records.


Todd Gurley

We all know that Gurley suffered an injury back in 2014. His ACL tear is what terrifies everyone when they see him skiing. This type of injury makes your body susceptible to another one in the future. Skiing is also another sport where ACL tears happen frequently. Therefore, many of his fans were speechless after seeing him on the snowy terrains. However, Todd is still enjoying skiing despite the risk of an injury. 


Golden Tate

Some might be surprised because they haven’t seen his skills other than a wide receiver. Unfortunately, there isn’t a video that showcases Tate’s skiing skills. Regardless, his tweet makes him worthy of securing a place on this list. He enjoys a beer as he watches others perform. Tate used to be part of the Detroit Lions before transferring to the Giants. However, we know his amazing performance on the field. We can imagine his shiftiness on the slopes, trying to conquer the snowy mountains. 



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