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FasterSkierMarch 8, 2023

The SMST2 team is planning to expand our program by hiring a Program Director, adding several new team members and accepting 3-4 athletes into our summer program. It is our goal to make a good thing even better.

The Program Director will work closely with the Head Coach supporting the athletes in establishing training and travel plans. The Program Director will oversee all outreach projects, fundraising events and social media posts. The Program Director will help with most workouts, but will not travel as much as the Head Coach. The Program Director must be positive, organized and knowledgeable in all aspects of cross country skiing. For more information, please e-mail Sverre Caldwell at

Full Job Description Below:


SMST2 Nordic Program Director

CLASSIFICATION Year-round, Full-time

REPORTS TO SMST2 Advisory Board


The SMST2 Program Director will be in charge of team outreach, facilitate team fundraisers and social media initiatives and work closely with the head coach on training, race and camp logistics. The director will also help with day to day training and support the team on various trips. The Program Director will work in all aspects of development and elite competition skiing, including supporting all members of the SMST2 Team to thrive, grow and progress toward elite level Olympic, World Champs, and World Cup performance. The Cross Country Program Director will work closely with the Cross Country Head Coach and the Advisory Board to understand and evolve the SMST2 mission: International excellence, local inspiration.


The Program Director will work closely with the head coach to develop and support each team member with a training plan as well as technique and training advice.  This position requires extensive travel, domestically and internationally. It requires excellent leadership, coaching, training and technical skills. It requires communication skills, both individually and in groups of individuals.  The Program Director must be detail and task oriented, goal driven, and always positive and professional.

  • Oversee and provide leadership to the SMST2 Team.  The Program Director will correspond frequently with the SMST2 athletes and the Head Coach as well as with the SMS coaches and the West River Sports (BKL) leaders.
  • Oversight and execution of the day-to day operational details of the Super Tour and Nationals competitions. This includes providing support in planning and coordination of travel, flights, vehicles, cash advances, lodging, entries, meals, equipment needs, and anything necessary to properly accommodate and prepare the team.  Work with Head Coach to manage the team’s equipment/wax supplies.
  • Help coach the SMST2 Team at U.S. Ski & Snowboard events such as SuperTour and US Championships and establishing strong relationships with coaches and athletes from around the nation.
  • Work closely with the SMST2 Head coach and the USSS cross country coaches to plan training for the team.
  • The Program Director will communicate directly and continuously with the Head Coach to develop training and travel plans for each athlete.
  • The Program Director will plan, coordinate and oversee outreach events with the goal of building a strong ski community in the area.
  • The Program Director will organize and oversee our fundraising events and help the advisory board with fundraising.
  • The Program Director must continue his or her sport education at a high level by studying team training plans, systems of monitoring and peaking, staff management at camps and competitions, and attending seminars and planning meetings when available.  He or she should seek to establish a professional relationship with coaches from foreign national teams and learn from those programs.  Observation of the U.S. Ski Team coaching staff and sports science staff, and studying videos and literature is critical.
  • The Program Director will oversee and keep our team website up to date.
  • The Program Director will send out a weekly newsletter to our subscriber list.

Financial Performance

  • The Program Director will adhere to essential business directives as set forth by the Advisory Board. This includes timely, accurate and ethical expense reporting, staying within the budget allocated for specific projects, and exercising foresight regarding changes of plans, contingencies, etc.


Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities and activities will evolve over time as the needs of the team change. The Program Director will work closely with the head coach to advance the goals and mission of the team: International excellence, local inspiration..


  • This position requires extensive travel, domestically and internationally.
  • Must be detail and task oriented, goal driven, a strategic and tactical thinker and planner, and always positive and professional.
  • Excellent communication skills. Written and verbal. Individually and in groups.
  • Excellent leadership, coaching, training and technical skills.
  • Strong database skills (Excel/Sheets). Strong software skills for video production.
  • Strong winter driving skills, including the ability to operate a manual transmission.  If necessary, additional driving education may be required if requisite level is not met.
  • Must be physically fit, capable of testing skis for a long period of time, and training with the athletes on some of their easy sessions as a method of communication and of training observation.
  • Must be able to wax skis, and be willing to improve waxing knowledge, and will at times serve as a technician for athletes.
  • 4-6 years of professional coaching and/or program leadership preferred.


  • Supervision of all athletes when participating in SMST2 projects. Work closely with Head Coach to coordinate training and travel plans.

For more information, pleased write Sverre Caldwell at:

Julia Kern (USA) and Jessie Diggins (USA), (l-r) share an emotional celebration after taking bronze in the Team Sprint (Photo: NordicFocus)


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