Peter Vordenberg

Not the best day for US Skiing.  Newell fell in the the prelim (still almost qualified), Koos who did qualify strongly was eliminated in the first round (a fast round granted), no one else qualified.  In Italy at JWC Hoffman broke a ski early in the race went to the back of the field, got a new ski, hammerd through the whole field back up to 6th place and then finished 23rd.  Rough - but we have the talent, the work ethic and the will so while rough days and weeks will make us scratch our heads it will not make us hang our heads.

Starting with Bib (rank) 10 the Mens team finished 11th.  Freeman had the 9th best time in his leg and was just under 30seconds out.  Kuzzy had the 9th best time and was 50 seconds out which is a very good race.  Zimmermann and Newell fought all out in their legs.  Much more racing to come.  One thing you can count on - we will fight hard.