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SusanDDecember 5, 2010

This weekend we traveled to Forêt Montmorency (north of Quebec City) to find some snow.  They have plenty of snow here, with more falling as I write, and when the groomer decides to get out on the trails, the skiing is great. The ski lodge and trail system is owned by Université Laval and doubles as [...]

Earlier this morning, when it was a balmy 49 degrees and raining (for the 2nd day in a row), I felt the need to hunt down some snow.  A reliable source, Mr. Marc Gilbertson, told me tales about weekend crust skiing on the toll road at Stowe, and it sounded almost too good to be [...]

Two weeks ago, the rest of the Green Team piled onto a plane for Finland with a bunch of ski bags that weighed exactly 50 pounds.  I waved to them as they drove away from Elinor’s and I felt a little lonely not to be joining them.  I decided to go to biathlon trials races [...]

I’m in Utah’s Heber Valley at biathlon national team camp for a couple weeks.  I was a little said to leave VT in peak foliage season.  Tim commented about how awesome the fall smells in the east, and I am missing that right now, but the west has it’s own special smells.  All the oaks [...]

mo·jo n. pl. mo·jos or mo·joes 1. A magic charm or spell. 2. An amulet, often a small flannel bag containing one or more magic items, worn by adherents of hoodoo or voodoo. 3. Personal magnetism; charm. (from thefreedictionary.com) While running down Bolton mountain a couple of weeks ago, I got into a discussion with one of my biathlon teammates about [...]

Although it may be blasphemous for me to say this since I am a snow-loving skier, spring is my favorite season.  The world feels like it is waking up.  Critters start to move around more, and everything in nature seems happy to be alive.  I start to see ducks paddling about in [...]