2006 Olympics

As WADA Commission Promises More To Come, Skiing’s Past Doping Scandals Emerge

Norway's TV2 says it has found out that Estonian cross-country skier Kristina Smigun is likely to be stripped of her 2006 Olympic gold medals; national and international federations seem happy to discuss, but the IOC will not. Meanwhile, a Norwegian Paralympian alleges Russians had separate (and comically short) doping control tests at the 2014 Olympics.

Post-Retirement, Crawford Hits the Books Hard, Gets into Calgary’s MBA Program

Chandra Crawford stuck with skiing long after winning gold as a U23 at the 2006 Olympics because she remembered when Beckie Scott and Sara Renner explained "it would take ten years to get good." She committed, and after three Olympics, Crawford, 30, retired from the sport to pursue higher education -- cutting right to the chase with an MBA to better serve Fast and Female.

An Italian court cleared six Austrians of involvement in the doping scandal of the 2006 Turin Olympics on Friday. Former cross-country coach Walter Mayer, ski president Peter Schroecksnadel and biathlon director Markus Gandler were cleared, along with team doctor Peter Baumgartl and skiers Martin Tauber and Jurgen Pinter. The Austrian Ski Federation released a statement following the verdict saying that the decision proves “many accusations against Austria ski federation representatives were false.” Though six walk free, three...