Randall Manages Achilles Flare-Up with Modified Spring Training

Kikkan Randall has had to take a cautious step back from traditional workouts this spring in Bend, Ore. She's dealing with a recurring issue with her left Achilles and is taking proactive steps to heal it in order to return to full training in a few weeks. "All is good, just trying to be smarter this time around and not push through potential injuries to the point I did last summer," she says.

Injured APU/USST Teammates Randall and Bjornsen Keep Kicking

Last week in Anchorage, a freak windstorm rolled through that would have devastated most mainland Americans. Gusts estimated at 130 miles per hour spewed trees across Alaska’s largest city, leaving at least a thousand residents without power through Saturday – almost four days after the storm hit Tuesday night. In a phone interview, U.S. Ski Team member Kikkan Randall said the electricity and all the lights at her home came on at 2:15 a.m. Saturday....