Amie Smith

Pivot Point: Imagining Skiing During the Pandemic

Over two days in March, the North American World Cup races were cancelled. Amid rising health concerns, NCAA Championships also shut down after one race; Junior Nationals after two races. Canadian National Championships never got off the ground. After the abrupt end of winter, people are trying to assess how the pandemic will affect the coming winter. In The Atlantic, Juliette Kayyem posits that “From a public health perspective, the pandemic will not end for...

Q&A: Beckwith’s Return to Skiing as NENSA Competitive Program Director

About a year and a half after Colin Rodgers. GMVS went through some transitions. I am staying in the Mad River Valley, which is amazing; another great part of the job is that I get to stay where I am and sort of create some of that vision and move it in a way. It’s a pretty cool job, it’s a very cool lifestyle, it’s something that I am so passionate about. I was just...

NENSA Seeking Paid Intern

The New England Nordic Ski Association is seeking a paid intern for a seasonal position, requiring part-time hours December through May/June. Travel within New England, and regular weekend work for NENSA Eastern Cup and Championship Events is required during these months.