Brian Olsen

Olympic Biathlete Brian Olsen: Elite & Olympic Teams Should Say ‘You Can Play,’ Promote Inclusivity for LGBT Athletes

At age 21, Brian Olsen worried that coming out as gay would negatively affect his performance as a biathlete. Years later, he's using his position as an athlete rep to advocate for governing bodies in Olympic sports to think more carefully about the environment they're creating for gay and lesbian athletes. That might start here in the nordic community.

In Uniquely Democratic Process, Nordic Athletes Well-Represented in Flagbearing Choice

Kikkan Randall was nominated to carry the U.S. flag at opening ceremonies, Susan Dunklee voted on the flagbearer, and Todd Lodwick was ultimately chosen. We checked in with Randall and Dunklee about the process, which is uniquely democratic - most national committees just pick someone without consulting athletes. But Dunklee questioned why the diverse U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association received only one vote.