After Race-Morning Scare Led to Missing Suits and Bibs, Canadian Men Pack Top 30 at Tour de Ski

After getting locked out of their bus, the Canadians didn't have a great start to the day. But for the most part they turned things around. Alex Harvey led the way in 6th and Devon Kershaw placed 12th; Kershaw complimented Ivan Babikov (21st) for attacking hard on the 15 k climb, and Lenny Valjas (25th) for finishing his longest race in years - and doing so quite honorably.

Not This Tour, Dario: After Four Men Battle for 35 K, Northug Emerges to Win Finishing Sprint

The days when Switzerland's Dario Cologna won Tour after Tour seemingly effortlessly have come to an end. Cologna still has a shot, but after Petter Northug of Norway defeated Cologna and Russians Alexander Legkov and Maxim Vylegzhanin in a sprint finish in stage four, he'll have to work a little harder. After today's showing Northug, meanwhile, is confident that the title is his.