Toko ran a Facebook promotion where the public was asked the question “Which division’s JO team has the most fun?” The winning team was to receive $2000 worth of Toko waxes and tools.  The promotion ended 12 January and Mid Atlantic took the win with 1034 votes.  New England was second with 896 and Alaska a distant third with 373.  Congratulations to Mid Atlantic!

Concept2 Launches Facebook Application

Concept2, manufacturer of the Concept2 Indoor Rower and new SkiErg, has released a Facebook application designed to help friends track and share rowing or Nordic skiing workouts. “Seeing your friends’ workouts is motivating,” explains Concept2’s Meredith Haff, “because you can see what your teammates or fellow competitors are doing, and support each other while you try to improve.”  The application currently has over 2000 monthly active users. To use the application the user must have...