Marwe Roller Skis Continue to be the #1 Choice of Top US Skiers

MarweRollerSkis.com   2011 Team Marwe Kikkan Randall-#1 ranked skier in the US; World Cup Winner! Andy Newell-#1 ranked skier in the US; #5 ranked Sprinter in the World! Sadie Bjornsen-2011 World Championships 9th Place, 2011 US Nationals 10k Classic Champion Jessie Diggins-2011 World Championships Team, 2011 US Nationals Skate Sprint Champion Simi Hamilton-2011 World Championships Team, 2010 Olympian Liz Stephen-2011 World Championship Team, 2011 US Nationals 20k Skate Champion Tim Burke-2-Time Olympian, 2010 Biathlon World...