What Studying Twins Can Tell Us About Fostering Motivation for Exercise

One of the biggest public health challenges worldwide is physical inactivity. As the World Health Organization a study of American Birkebeiner participants which found that participating in group-based exercise provided an important extra bit of motivation even for people who were quite self-motivated to exercise or train. Another piece of the picture was examined in Finland. There, researchers had the opportunity to use a study of twins to disentangle the genetic and environmental contributions to...

This Month in Journals: What Happens When We Get Old

By the time we hit 70, the physiological differences in how men and women respond to exercise have disappeared. Plus, we'll be smiling and thanking our parents for making us ski, because ex-athletes experience fewer fractures at that age. In other research, continuing the definition of "athlete's heart" and confirming a genetic basis of the training response.