For the first time in nearly four decades, Jackson Ski Touring Foundation has a new leader. Breanne Torrey, who has been with the organization for six years and has held the positions of Head of Ski Patrol and Director of Operations, has been named the Foundation’s new Executive Director. She is the first woman in this role and follows former Executive Director Thom Perkins, who retired in the spring of 2014 after 38 years with the organization.

I Believe In Kick Wax

Holdernsess School skier Haley Mahar wrote and recorded an essay for a composition class. Titled “I Believe in Kickwax,” Haley’s piece details a skier’s relationship with her wax. Audio Recording: [podcast]http://images.fasterskier.com/2011/08/This-I-Believe.mp3[/podcast] Written Essay: I believe in kick wax. Any Nordic skier who has ever skied competitively will tell you that classic skiing without kick wax gives you four times the workout, ten times the frustration, and a few dirty looks and a suggestion to clean...