A Northug Classic: Norwegian Waits, Lurks, Pounces for Victory in Toblach Pursuit

A bitter Evgeniy Belov of Russia, who finished fourth in today's sprint finish of the 25 k Tour de Ski pursuit, pointed his finger at Petter Northug - the Norwegian skied 24.7 kilometers with the lead pack of four, but never actually led the race until he won it. He now leads the Tour by seven seconds over Martin Johnsrud Sundby and Calle Halfvarsson.

What Can We Expect from Northug?

By all accounts, Petter Northug’s 2011-2012 campaign was an unexpected failure. The high-profile Norwegian star, who usually finished at or near the top of every podium he contended for, specifically set out to do two things last winter: take the Tour de Ski and win the Vasaloppet. He came up short on both counts; Switzerland’s Dario Cologna and Marcus Hellner of Sweden both beat him in the Tour in first and second, respectively, and a...

With Trademark Speed, Northug Takes Vegas Race–With Video, Updated

In Las Vegas, the house always wins. And in Tuesday’s head-to-head rollerski race between Marcus Hellner and Petter Northug, Northug was the house. On a course laid out by his Norwegian magazine sponsor—and modified at the last minute to give him a better shot at the win—Northug took the last two heats of a best-of-three series in the parking lot of the Palms Casino, evening the score with Hellner after losing to the Swede in...

Northug and Red Bull sponsorship: an issue of morality in Norway

In a country where energy drinks have become almost as American as pie, it might seem odd to us that in Norway the energy drink Red Bull had been banned until just half a year ago. The ban was also just recently lifted in France, while several other countries still ban the drink, including Denmark and Uruguay.   With this in mind,  you may imagine the uproar generated when the media recently reported that one of their...