Norwegian nationals

Koos Hitting the Books, Logging the Hours

It’s easy to get caught up in busy work. Torin Koos has plenty between taking two summer courses toward his master’s at Westminster College, fitting in workouts and writing features for a ski website he and seven others took over June 1. The three-time Olympian has website-usability tests to prepare for, professional and technical writing work to do. His site, his blog, Koos reflected on two notable races at Norwegian nationals in March. First, he...

Norwegian Nationals First Hand

Its not often an American gets the chance to see the Norwegian National Championships. When I got the chance, I jumped at it. This year the National Championships were in Voss, population 14,000.  It is situated in the mountains about a five hour train ride from Oslo. The last time Voss held Nationals was in 1964. It was long overdue. Langrenn, or cross country skiing, took over the city. The city braced for its population...

First of all, I’ll echo Nat Herz’s big ups to Andrew Musgrave for finishing second at Norwegian Nationals the other day. I’ve always been a bit fascinated by Musgrave, probably because North Americans identify with any reasonably successful, promising skier not from Scandinavia or the usual European nations as fellow “outsiders”. So I’m always kind [...] Related posts:

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