Patricia Eiduka

Aker Daehlie: A Measured Approach

Sophia Laukli’s dominant win in the final stage of the Tour de Ski catapulted her into the spotlight. She has been racing fast for a while, but this result was on another level from her past performances. As the world gets to know her better, it’s interesting to look at the training philosophy of her club, Aker Daehlie. Training is sometimes secretive, but Aker Daehlie puts their training philosophy online for all to see. This...

The Devon Kershaw Show: Norway’s COVID crisis, and a Latvian star is born

There’s too much going on in the Tour de Ski for us to cover in just one episode — so we’re back to quickly hype up a breakout performance by Latvia’s Patrīcija Eiduka yesterday, and to break down a COVID crisis on the Norwegian team that’s erupted in the past 24 hours. We’re at devon@fasterskier.com and nat@fasterskier.com; we’ll be back Sunday.