Pete Philips

Burke’s Summer Scandinavia Trip: USST’s Simi Hamilton Signs on as Coach

Life at Sognefjell centers around skiing twice a day; skating in the morning and classic in the afternoon. There are four great meals a day. We add in a trip down to the Sognefjord, and we complete the “Willie’s” uphill roller ski time trial in honor of our friend Willie Neal. A lot of top US skiers have enjoyed this one. US Team members Simi and Liz Stephen have both gone twice. Each year is...

A September Day at Burke Mountain Academy

The heat has broken, and the perfect early fall weather New England is enjoying makes training a pleasure. The Burke Gang is taking full advantage of it. Here is a day-in-the-life from last week: Classes from 8:45 until 3:00 then… buy chantix online, buy ventolin inhaler buy albuterol inhaler,buy combigan online,buy chantix,buy voltaren gel online