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Throwback Workout: Reese Hanneman’s On-The-Road Intervals

With ski season winding down, you may be one of the lucky ones hitting the road for some quality family/friend/significant-other time. Here’s a one-hour workout you can squeeze in on-the-go, which we received from Alaska Pacific University (APU) skier Reese Hanneman back in 2013. Hanneman, now 28, and his brother Logan, 24, raced at their first Olympics this past winter in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Throwback Workout: Ski Walk/Moose Hoof Combo

For this week’s workout, we’ve brought back a how-to-guide to ski walking, hill bounding and moose hoofing, written by former U.S. Ski Team member Read the original here. *** [circa June 2013] Ski walking, hill bounding, and moose hoofing are a great way to incorporate ski-specific movements into a dryland workout. There are many ways to use these training tools, but I am going to recommend a favorite interval workout that touches on all three techniques....

Throwback Workout: Pace-Development Intervals with the NAWTA (Remember That?)

Everything's better with a group -- at least in terms of threshold interval workouts. In this "Throwback Workout" from three years ago, U.S. women's coach Matt Whitcomb explains why this was one of the best workouts he had seen back then. “It doesn’t need to be incredibly hard — today was roughly threshold and above during bursts of speed — but it was about the terrain that helped push the pace for us,” he said.