Winter Universiade

World University Games: Young Americans Shine as Lake Placid Returns to International Stage

Do you believe in miracles? Lake Placid is where they’ve happened before: speedskater Eric Heiden’s single-winter games medal record, Wassberg’s Olympic Gold by one hundredth over Mieto, and no less than the “Miracle on Ice.” If miracles were going to happen again, this was likely to be the place.  With the State of New York having spent $500 million (through the Olympic Regional Development Authority) to dramatically overhaul facilities originally constructed for the Olympic Winter...

For Some Countries, World University Games Offers Bragging Rights; For University of Wyoming, It’s the Trip of a Lifetime

You might see it as a missed development opportunity that the U.S. is the only country not to send its very fastest college athletes to the World University Games (we'll explain why). But the Univerisity of Wyoming, races their hearts out, and also uses the opportunity for more than skiing: expanding athletes' horizons, learning, and instilling a lifelong love of sport.