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The format and qualification procedure for the World Youth/Junior Biathlon Championships Team Trials were introduced in Thursday’s race reports. In any qualifying series, it all comes down to the last day of racing – when bubble athletes make or break it, when a single amazing performance can catapult a racer upwards in the standings, when men and women go home either elated or heartbroken. In Anchorage, Alaska, Friday was that day for junior biathletes as...


Today in Anchorage, World Youth/Junior Biathlon Championships Team Trials kicked off with a bang – or lots of bangs, as rifles knocked down target after target at Kincaid Park’s Sean Doherty of Saratoga Biathlon and Full results (Excel spreadsheet) buy chantix online, buy ventolin inhaler buy albuterol inhaler,buy combigan online,buy chantix,buy voltaren gel online