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FasterSkierDecember 9, 2002

Fall Camp Report

I just returned from the annual West Yellowstone, Montana fall camp. The fall camp is an open to the public on snow ski camp where participants get a chance to do two daily technique sessions with experienced skiers including former Olympians and National Team coaches. The group size is anywhere from 4 to 9 and you are placed in groups based upon your technique level.

Racing at Soldier Hollow 2001

December Training Suggestions

Continue with rollerskiing or a mix of skiing and rollerskiing if your area is lacking snow.

I remember last year that National Champion John Bauer told me before the Olympics that he had been home for several weeks (after Nationals in early January) and done dryland training including rollerskiing as preparation for the Olympics. That worked pretty well!

Continue to do around two weekly interval sessions in December but back off if you do weekend races.

I suggest one mid week interval session in weeks with one race.

I also suggest that you reduce the intensity and the length of the intervals in weeks with races.

The most important part of training following hard or long and hard races is not the next interval session but recovery.

Hard training is pretty worthless if you are still tired from the last race.

Skip mid week intervals all together if you are doing consecutive weeks with races longer than 20K.

The last hard session before important races should not be 1-2 days before the event.

Hard workouts this close to the race will most likely not make you any better but can greatly damage the outcome of your race if you went really hard and can’t recover. It’s not fun to race if your muscles are sore and your legs feel heavy!

Do the last hard session 4-5 days before instead and use the last 3-4 days to ski easy and feel good.


Here are some intervals sessions we are planning of doing this month:

– 4 x 5-6 minutes with 2-4 minutes recovery.

– 2-3-4-2-3-4 minutes with 2-3 minutes recovery

– 6-8 x 1 — 1.45 minutes with two minutes recovery


We are looking forward to see you all at races across the country.

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Torbjorn and Gordon


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