Finlandia University Head Coach Position

FasterSkierJune 18, 2003

Title: Head Cross Country and Nordic Ski Coach
Reports to: Director of Athletics
Type: Staff
Appointment: 9-10 months, part-time, salary

Position Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s preferred with evidence of
    further professional development.

  2. Minimum of two years collegiate coaching experience (or documented coaching
    success based on equivalent experience).

  3. Strong interpersonal, management and communication skills.

  4. Strong work ethic, integrity and a positive attitude.

  5. Adaptable to a dynamic environment characteristic of an institution experiencing
    enrollment growth and program development.

  6. Supportive of the mission and vision of the college including relationships
    with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and Finland.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Supervision of volunteers for the Intercollegiate Athletic team such as assistant
coaches, work-study aides and support staff.

Position Description:

Intercollegiate athletic coaches are expected to develop an intercollegiate
athletic team that is characterized by success, respect, and spirit. Coaches
are expected to operate as team players within the intercollegiate athletic
program, the college and the surrounding community. Coaches should also foster
student personal growth and development as well academic and athletic achievement.
Coaches are viewed as mentors to college students and as such should conduct
themselves in a manner consistent with positive role models.

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Implement a competitive intercollegiate athletic team.

  2. Acquire and supervise volunteer staff.

  3. Secure a schedule of competition to be approved by the Director of Athletics
    with appropriate colleges and universities.

  4. Arrange lodging accommodations for away competitions.

  5. Submit travel plans with the necessary budget requests for all recruitment
    and athletic competition trips to the Director of Athletics or Assistant Athletic
    Director in a timely manner.

  6. Report competition statistics to the Assistant Director of Athletics in
    a timely manner.

  7. Oversee team budget and operate team within budget limits.

  8. Work collaboratively with the Office of Communications in promoting a positive
    image for the intercollegiate athletics and the college community.

  9. Assist the Director of Athletics and the Development staff in obtaining
    sponsorship for the Intercollegiate Athletic program.

  10. Assist the Office of Admissions staff in recruiting prospective student
    athletes who have the potential to perform well academically and athletically.

  11. Work collaboratively with the Director of Athletics to develop and promote
    camp programs (if appropriate) designed for youth skill enhancement. This
    will also include compensation for providing instruction at the camps.

  12. Develop and implement a conditioning and skills enhancement program to improve
    student athletic ability and performance.

  13. Support the academic faculty by monitoring the academic progress of student
    athletes and work with the Director of Athletics to ensure that athletic eligibility
    and college academic standards are maintained. This includes following through
    with faculty concerns, reports of absenteeism, etc.

  14. Provide the necessary leadership to ensure that athletes conduct themselves
    in a manner that is consistent with the college and athlete code of conduct.
    This includes following up on concerns expressed by the Director of Athletics,
    Dean of Students or staff of the Student Development Division.

  15. Must adhere to all NCAA Division III rules and regulations governing collegiate
    athletics and the sports of cross country running and Nordic skiing.

  16. Assume teaching responsibilities for compensation (no compensation is provided
    for varsity sport classes), as needed.

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