Odd- Bjorn Hjelmseth Breaks Wolf Mountain Record

FasterSkierJuly 25, 2003

Translated from Telemarksavisen Newspaper – July 25th – Martin K. Andersen.

It’s not a race, it’s not for money, not to please sponsors, not at all to make the National team coach happy — but never the less, Norwegian National team skier Odd-Bjorn Hjelmseth took interest in a verbal challenge from a “regular guy”, Tore Hansen that several years ago ran up and down Wolf Mountain (Ulvekollen) in Telemark – 18 times in a 24-hour time span.

Hints of Odd-Bjorn possibly not being able to make it was enough for Hjelmseth to say: “be ready to count on July 24th — this record is going to be broken”.

One of Norway’s TV stations (!) showed up just prior to the start and asked a few questions:

– Why?
“I must be a little stupid (with a laugh)”

– Have you done anything similar before?
“No, my longest “workouts” have been 13-14 hours of hunting. I have not practiced on this course before and not prepared in any special way for this. I hope to be ahead and able to lay down and rest a little sometime during the night”

After one time up and down he had the following comment:
– “It did not look as steep as it is when I drove here by car”.

Concerned National Team Coach
Krister Sorgaard, the National Team coach is not too happy about the record attempt.

He is concerned about the risk for injuries and total exhaustion where extreme rest and recovery could be needed.

Hjelmseth himself stated that he is not going to blame Wolf Mountain on possible poor races this winter, but he will use it to explain good races — especially long ones.

New Record For Hjelmseth: 19 Times up and down the Mountain!

A tough night with rain and thunder did not stop Odd- Bjorn Hjelmseth in breaking the old record of 18 times
up and down the Wolf Mountain outside Skien in Telemark, Norway.
Hjelmseth stopped after completing 19 times up and down the Mountain. He had enough time left to go for one more trip but decided to “call it a day” stating a tough, wet night with hard rain, thunder and lightning.

The distance covered was equal to more than three marathons and the altitude climbed was more than 7000 meters.

The old record holder, Tore Hansen (53-years old) has made a hobby out of running this mountain.
Last year he ran up and down 1050 times! That's more than 3 times every day – year-round, 18 kilometer and 1000 altitude meter regardless of  weather and temperature.
I think this guy qualifies for being put in the category “among the most fit in his age category” – At least!



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