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FasterSkierJuly 25, 2003

Some of our readers have e-mailed us and asked about the “Training with Torbjorn and Gordon” column. What happened to it?

Well, we (Gordon and I) are still working and working out together, but this spring I focused on the new interview series with skiers and coaches from around the World instead of writing about “us”. We’ll get going again with more workouts, training stuff and “friendly duels” this fall.

Langesund is a small town with a population of 2500 and is located on the coast of Telemark about 2.5 hours southwest of Oslo.

The swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling and kayaking possibilities are great and so far the ocean temperature has been a pleasant 21-24 degrees Celsius or a little bit warmer that what you typically experience at the coast of California.

The running and rollerskiing is OK, but the options are to few to call it great.

The biking is good with lots of bike path options on nice costal roads.

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