Master Skier Dan Packman

FasterSkierAugust 7, 2003

bicycle touring in provence! 
Do you have any notable experience from any other sport?
bike racing 

What is your favorite place to ski?
Blueberry Ridge, Marquette, MI 

Favorite place to race?
Traverse City, MI 

Favorite place to train (skiing or dryland)?

Cascade mtns near Bend 

Favorite race type?
30 k skate 

Why do you enjoy being a ski racer? 
Technical challenges, being part of the beauty of winter nature 

What part of being a ski racer don't you enjoy?
training in the dark 

If you weren't a ski racer, what would you rather be doing?
bike racing, paddling 

If you had to eat lunch at a fast-food restaurant, where would you go?


What do you do to pass the time when you are on the road at races and training

read, watch tv, wax, relax 

What were your best or most memorable races last season?

Great Nordeen, Elkhorn Classic 

How do you deal with bad races?

try to understand what went wrong & why,then learn from it so I can prepare
better next time 

What are your racing goals for the upcoming season? 
 to win a race in my age class at master's nationals, keep improving and
have fun

How do you feel about the changes in the international race formats over
the past few years (sprint racing, mass starts, skiathalon/duathalon)?

personally I do not like the same day or back-back pursuit, I think the short
sprint races and 2-person sprint relays are exciting 

What changes will you be making to your training plan for this year?
similar to last year's prep. 

Do you have a favorite interval or hard workout?
 rollerski skate hill intervals and long climbing intervals on

Can you give us a single piece of advice for aspiring Junior skiers?

learn from experienced skiers, attend some training camps and always have fun 


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