Coach Nystad about the progress of the US Cross-Country Team – New philosophy and talented skiers

FasterSkierOctober 15, 2003

Last year US skiers saw big progress under the leadership of Norwegian Trond Nystad. He says there may be several reasons for this progress.

“It is likely both a bit incidental and a bit that we have altered the training philosophy and the way the team functions together”, Nystad explains.

Last year, American skiers were in the lead groups during the World Ski Championship. This has not been common in the past years’ Championships (Editor: Not since the Bill Koch era in the early 80’s). Nystad sees several reasons for his skiers’ progress.

“The most important factors are that the skiers have talents, are willing to work hard, and that they have stayed healthy and fast the whole year. In terms of training, we have done more intensity than the team was used to, in addition to doing more max strength. These are not big changes, but it has worked well for us”, Nystad explains.


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