TrainingMany Are Telling Me That My Training Is Wrong

FasterSkierJanuary 8, 2004

Norwegian junior skier Martin Sundby has taken a giant step in the right direction this season and has until now clearly been the best male junior racer in the country. There are (despite this) experts that are claiming that this giant talent is training wrong.

Sundby’s training is by some (experts) viewed as a bit unique.

– I’m doing lots of hard training – interval training around 90-95% of max heart rate. I’m also the type of person that likes to go (a bit) fast in distance training. I feel that it makes me physically and psychologically stronger.

Many are very skeptical to this type of training program?

– Many are of the opinion that I’m training wrong. It’s therefore lots of fun to be able to prove that it’s at least working for me, says this seasons dominating junior racer.

You are not going hard all the time?

– It’s important to find the right balance between hard and too hard. It’s important to be able to recover. I have managed that better this season. Maybe better than many other skiers, says Sundby.
This season is just a step toward more important things for Sundby and he is not very focused on looking at the time difference (back) to the other juniors.

-I like to look at the distance up to the seniors. My goal is to become a good senior. I won the junior class at Lillehammer by two minutes, but it was still 3 minutes up to the best seniors, so it’s still a bit to the top, says a goal oriented Sundby.

He is not afraid that he is peaking too early and explains that he has trained a lot up until now and should be able to make further progress. He wants to peak in February at the junior Worlds at Stryn, Norway. I’m careful about goals but I hope to fight for top spots, says Sundby.

You said that you had clear goal for your training?

Ok, I admit that the goal is Gold.

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