Key Interval Workouts To Do Now

FasterSkierOctober 28, 2004

Getting ready to race this season:

This is a critical time of year to do a high percentage of your workouts as specific training and to include weekly interval workouts in your training routine.

Specific training for cross country skiers means to train in ski terrain using ski motions involving both arm and leg muscles. Training speed and heart rates also need to meet the demands of what you find in ski racing.

It’s a fact that choosing ski similar terrain including rolling terrain and uphills is a must in order to develop a good oxygen uptake (O2) needed for ski racing. It’s also a must to do the training at different speeds to get good O2 benefits. Doing distance training at one speed of for example at 60-85% of max heart rate and interval training at 85-95% of max heart rate will develop a better O2 than what those skiers never reaching the interval zones will achieve.


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