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FasterSkier FasterSkierOctober 29, 2004

The following report on the US Ski Team came from :

The following series of postings all aptly titled “What we’re all about” describes, mostly in photographs, what Team Today is all about. To start with, an explanation of our organization’s name:

Why we are called Team Today

Oct 24. Park City, Utah.

Our first World Cup for the 2004 — 2005 season is on November 20th in Ostersund, Swe.

The World Championships in Oberstdorf, Germany start February 17th.

The Olympic games in Torino, Italy start one year later. One short year.

This is our chance.

Not in a month. Not in February. Not in a year.

But today.

Dusty descent.

Please enjoy the following series and return to Team Today to keep up the team as we enter the ski season.

Many of the team is leaving for Europe next weekend. The rest of the team will be staying in the US. One reason we have not brought a full team to Europe is because we cannot afford to.

We cannot afford to.

We are on the cusp of accomplishing great things, but we cannot get there alone. We need your help. Join the team. Donate today at

We're about team work. Dussault and Hilary Patzer doing 3 sets of 55 sit ups with weight

Join us!

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