German Top Skiers Comment On Racing Worlds At Home

FasterSkierFebruary 17, 2005

German Top Skiers Comment On Racing Worlds At Home

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Axel Teichmann,
Current leader of the World Cup Standings, 25 years old, WSV Lobenstein
“The attention this winter is mainly drawn to the World Championships in Oberstdorf, for sure. But as a matter of course, some good results in the run-up are extremely important for the ego. To the WCS the brain is not free for sure, if you always run between the 20th and 40th rank, apart from your physical ability. Because of that it was extremely important for me to be successful at the beginning of the season.”

René Sommerfeldt,
Winner of the Overall World Cup 2004, 30 years old, WCS Erzgebirge Oberwiesenthal
“After achieving my giant aim of winning the Overall World Cup last season, I mainly focus upon the World Ski Championships this year. Last winter, at the final test, I could win the Overall World Cup in Oberstdorf. I would like to repeat this success in February 2005. With the relay we resolved to achieve a lot. Looking back at the last winter, we had never been worse in a relay than a second rank. This is an incentive for us to run for gold, first time at such a giant event.”

Tobias Angerer,
DSV Sprint-specialist, 27 years, SC Vachendorf
“With regard to the WCS in Oberstdorf I try to relieve the pressure better than two years ago. My aim is simple: I just want to be in top shape in these two weeks. We will see what else will happen. One of the most important stations for my personal WCS-track is the World Cup in Reith im Winkl immediately before the WCS. As to say: a final test. I reckon my best chances at the skiathlon. There I can show my strengths best. Actually I like all the disciplines, where it is man against man. The lonesome battle against time is nothing I really like.”

Evi Sachenbacher,
Olympic goldmedalist 2002 relay, 24 years, WSV Reith im Winkl
“To have the WCS in the home country, even in Bavaria and furthermore in my — if to say so — second homeland — the Allgäu, is something very special for me. I didn’t just prepare myself for the WCS, but also for the whole season. Therefore, again I’d like to take part at nearly all competitions this winter. You can’t only concentrate on the WCS, because too much can happen.”

Claudia Künzel
at present best German athlete in the World Cup, 26 years, WSV Erzgebirge Oberwiesenthal
“My aim for the WCS is simple I’d like to win an indicidual-medal in Oberstdorf. On all accounts I will run on nearly all competitions this winter again, but first I have to check out where I have the best chances. The third place at the World Cup in the Czech Nove Mesto showed me that I am on the right way to Oberstdorf.”

Nordic Combined:

Ronny Ackermann,
Best combiner of the DSV and titleholder in 2003, 27 years, Rhöner WSV Dermbach
“The main target this winter is the World Championships in Oberstdorf. I’d like to win at least one medal in all of the five competitions. The WCS in the home country is the best that can happen to an athlete. In Oberstdorf the emotions will seethe for sure and it will be full house — therefore a success would be double amazing. Good for me that I could win enough self-esteem with the good results in the World Cup. It was always my aim to go to Oberstdorf with a good standing.”

Sebastian Haseney,
Combiner, 26 years, SC Motor Zella-Mehlis
“The World Championships in Oberstdorf are definitely the highlight of this year. We will see if that is really a home field advantage for us. Indeed we often trained on the WCS-buildings, but at last only your personal shape counts. If you are in top shape, every jumping hill suits you. Unfortunately it didn’t work out at the last big event, but this year I am desperate to take part in the team-competition. In my opinion we are a top aspirant for medals with the team in Oberstdorf.”

Georg Hettich
Combiner, 26 years, ST Schonach-Rohrhardsberg
“The WCS in Oberstdorf is the downright event this winter, everything is geared to. But I will definitively not make the mistake of neglecting the World Cup. That wouldn’t work out. I aim to collect enough self esteem in the first World Cup competitions and then will focus on the WCS more and more.
On all accounts we want to win a medal with the team at the WCS in Oberstdorf. And in the coming years I want to win an individual medal at a big event, as a matter of course. In Val die Fiemme, at the last Nordic World Ski Championships, I finished in the forth rank twice; therefore it is time to win a medal at the coming WCS. In my opinion, we have do have a home field advantage. The hill is not really easy to jump. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to practise a bit harder.”


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