Fewer Skiers Get To Race In World Cups

FasterSkierMay 10, 2005

Source: Langrenn.com

Each nation’s World Cup quota for maximum number of skiers they can races in each World Cup race is reduced from eight to six starting next season.

FIS just decided that each nation can only race six skiers in each race in the upcoming season’s World Cup races. The maximum number of racers in each event is also reduced from 87 to 71. The host nation will still be able to enter additional skiers on the national quota, however this number is also reduced. The national quota is added to the World Cup field of 71.

– I view this as a direct attempt to stop Norway, says the Norwegian ski federations chief of cross country skiing, Bjornar Hakensmoen.

– The quotas are reduced to create better TV-events, says Norwegian FIS representative Vegard Ulvang.


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