What Are Moose-hoofs?

FasterSkierMay 31, 2005

Norway’s O2 King, Espen Harald Bjerke says that he is often using bounding/running/walking with poles as his key interval method. It’s not as easy to do this well as it sound like. Norwegians call this way of moving “moose-hoofs”. Here are some tips for technique and intensity control.

Background article: This Is How The VO2 Max King Is Training http://www.fasterskier.com/training2310.html

Excerpts from some 2004 FasterSkier dryland training articles:

Key Interval Workouts To Do Now
– Running or running with poles in uphills (also called moose-hoofs or bounding with poles). You get extra upper body and O2 benefits from using your poles in this interval session, but it’s easy to go too hard. Hold back and make sure that you really use your arms as in diagonal skiing by moving your elbow and hands past your hip. Your heart rates will typically be plenty high enough even when you are holding back. You’ll learn that 4-minutes can be very long (!) and pacing yourself is important. A milestone is reached when you can do 4 x 4 minutes of these without slowing down or blowing up.

Early Morning Running Intervals
The key in this workout was to make sure that we could maintain speed and intensity throughout the entire session. Running/bounding with poles the last two intervals is tough, so we had to play it smart on the first three “running only” intervals. We did so by running at a heart-rate that was roughly 20 beats from max. That is solid work, but doable for 4-5 minutes. We used 3 minutes as recovery in between the intervals and were able to do the entire interval session without slowing down or having to increase the recovery time. The heart-rates were a little higher on the last two intervals. A solid workout, but not as hard as a race. Today we could have done one more interval and that was the goal — solid but saving a little for “tomorrow”.

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The photos are taken during a May 27, 2005 workout at Soldier Hollow. Intervals up the famous Hermod Hill.


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