Norway’s Samdal Will Hold The Same Course As Before

FasterSkierJune 12, 2005

Source: Translated by Anders Haugen

There will be no significant changes in the training plan for next year says the head coach of the Norwegian women‘s national team, Svein Tore Samdal.

-It will be very similar to last year, says Samdal.

The women on the national team have been following Samdal’s training regime for 2 years now. According to the coach, Marit Bjorgen and Kristin Stormer Steira are the ones that have completed the hardest programs of all the women on the team, and these women are also the ones that have had the best results. Just recently Hilde Gjermundshaug Pederson revealed that she will also begin following Samdal’s training plan for the next season.

-Hilde and Kine (Beate Bjornas) have in the past been following a middle of the road plan but have now seen that those who have trained the hardest have had the greatest improvement. So they will also begin to follow the same plan as the rest of the team this year, says Samdal.

The training setup that was recently used at a camp was one of the harder blocks where the focus is to increase capacity. These blocks last between 8 to 12 days and this year Samdal will be adding an extra block to the overall plan.

-We will be having an extra hard block this year but will be reducing the total days in each block, says the coach.

So there will be one high intensity block for each of the upcoming months, even in September.

-How is the training between these high intensity blocks?

-Good old fashion Nordic training, says Samdal, who means large amounts of volume, two to three harder workouts, a threshold workout and two hard interval workouts. Speed and strength training will also be included.

-Even though we are training at much harder levels does not mean we are much behind in total volume in relation to others, actually it is the opposite, says the Norwegian.

The women on Norway’s women’s team last year trained between 700 and 950 hours.


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