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FasterSkierSeptember 21, 2005

New From SOLDA Glide Wax: F40 TOP Race, HPO5 and S-30 Mix 70/30 and 50/50, High Performance Bulk Waxes and Ski Oil. Check them out at <

Great Early Season Savings: Check out the new waxes and save big by ordering now. Who uses SOLDA Glide wax? The 2005 Birkie winners, the Gold and Silver medallists in the men’s 15-k freestyle at the 2005 Worlds and the winner of four marathon World Cups and the overall marathon World Cup Winner, Christina Paluselli.

SOLDA 2004-2005 Successes
Birkie Success For SOLDA Glide Wax; Top Three Men and Top Two Women Used HPO5
SOLDA Wax Contributes To World Championships Gold And Silver
SOLDA Success At FIS Marathon Cup: Three First And Two Second Places

Winning waxes: SOLDA HPO5 over F-15 Violet and Blue was used to win the 2005 American Birkie and SOLDA F-31 Orange, covered by a layer of SOLDA PowerJet 1 was used to win the 15-k race at Worlds (Conditions: Snow temperature -4 deg C, air temperature -3 deg C, humidity 75%). SOLDA Warm Fluor Powder was used to win three December Continental Cup races ( )

New Waxes for the 2005-2006 season!

New F40 Top Race #0040
For serious racers when speed is important! European ski technicians who tested the new F40 Top Race Hyper-Fluorinated had this to say: This wax is not good, it's fantastic! Snow Temp 28 to 20 deg F (-3 to -10 deg C). Air Temp. 33 to 8 deg F (+1 to -14 deg C) R.H 50-100%
60 gm $55

New HPO5 And S-30 Mix

Why HPO5 and S-30 Mix:
HPO5 was the top layer for the Italian winners and a number of other top performers at the 2005 American Birkie. HPO5 is a fluorocarbon wax (available in powder or spray form) that adapts extremely well to changing conditions, like from cold to warmer snow, cold humid snow or a mix of dry and moist snow. It’s fast, repels dirt and remains fast the entire race.

SOLDA S-30 is a great synthetic wax for very cold snow. S-30 is often used as a base for HPO5 when the overnight temperature is very low, but it’s expected to warm up by race time and/or the snow’s humidity or water content will increase.

S-30 is sometimes used as a top layer over HPO5 when the majority of the race will be skied in cold, dry snow, but sections of the course might consist of more humid snow than the majority of the course. Example: a small section of the course will be hit by sunshine or one section has lots of man-made snow.

The conclusion: The two waxes always compliment each other and they consistently work well together.

When your next race involves cold and medium cold snow and medium to low humidity (amongst the trickiest conditions to wax for), consider SOLDA HPO5 and S-30 Mix. Your great glide will be the envy of all!

New HPO5 And S-30 Mix 70/30
For cold snow that's warming up or cold humid snow.
20 grams $82

New HPO5 And S30 Mix 50/50!
For very cold snow that's warming up.
20 grams $65

Bulk Ski Prep And Training Waxes:

New Techno Red # 0817X
High quality wide range training and ski prep wax
Snow temperature 26 to 14 deg F (-3 to -10 deg C)
Air temp 34 to 8 deg F (+1 to -14 deg C)
Large 500 gram block $20

New Techno Green # 0818X
High quality wide range training and ski prep wax
Snow temp. 14 to -4 deg F (-10 to -20 deg C)
Air temp 21 to -8 deg F (-6 to -24 deg C)
Large 500 gram block $20

New Performance Red World Cup #0821X
High quality fluor bulk wax. Ideal for training and as base for SOLDA F-15 and F-31 waxes.
R.H 40 to 80%.
Snow temp. 26 to 14 deg F (-3 to -10 deg C).
Air temp. 34 to 8 deg F (+1 to -14 deg C).
Large 250 gram block $28

New Performance Yellow World Cup #0820X
High quality fluor bulk wax. Ideal for training and as base for SOLDA F-15 and F-31 waxes.
Snow temp. 34 to 26 deg F (+ 1 to -3 deg C).
Air temp. 50 to 20 deg F (+10 to -7 deg C)
Large 250 gram bloc $28


No ironing, brushing or scraping!
Innovative, long lasting and easy to use training wax. Put a few drops of SKI OIL on the sponge (included) and polish for 30-60 seconds. Let it dry for a few minutes and you are ready to go!

Green SKI OIL For cold snow #0303
Snow temp 22 to -9 deg F (-5 to -25 deg C) Air temp. 30 to -12 deg F (-1 to – 30 deg C)
25 ml can $20

Yellow SKI OIL For medium and warm snow #0305
Snow temp. 34 to 25 deg F (+ 1 to -4 deg C)
Air temp. 50 to 16 F (+10 to -8 C)
25 ml can $20

Pre-Season Discounts
Have the fastest skis at the lowest cost by taking advantage of the US SOLDA importer TorbjornSport early season wax special:

Orders received before September 30th will receive a 20% discount on all glide wax products and tools.
Orders received between September 30th and October 10th will receive a 15% discount.

Orders will be shipped late October/early November. Your credit card will not be charged before we ship.

To order go to < or call 435-645-8181 for a pricelist/order form or to order.

School, team and club prices
Schools, teams and club prices are available for bulk orders. Coaches can email for a club pricelist. Please include title, club/school, address and phone number.

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