Swedish Team Using Norwegian Success Recipe

FasterSkierSeptember 21, 2005

The new Swedish coach, Inge Braaten is using a training camp model that is very similar to what the Norwegian team is using.

Source: Langrenn.com – Translated by Torbjorn Karlsen

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The Norwegian team has been in Stelvio and is still in Livignio, and later this fall they will be in Val Senales. The Swedes will use exactly the same sites for their fall camps.

Inge Braaten is preparing for his fifth training camp since he took over as Sweden’s head coach in April. The team is this time heading for the Italian Alps to prepare for the Olympics in Pragelato. They will spend the first three days at Passo Stelvio at 2750-meter altitude.

– The conditions are great with blue skies, sunshine and new snow, says Braaten.

There are several reasons why we start on snow in Stelvio:

– We want to among others see how the team reacts to an altitude kick before we continue the camp at 1800 meter.

Livignio, west of Passo Stelvio will be the base for the rest of the camp. At 1800 meter this is roughly 300 meter higher than the Olympic arena in Pragelato. The Swedes next camp will also be held in Italy, this time in Val Senales, which is 60-kilometer north of Stelvio. That camp starts October 17 and will last for two weeks.

The Swedish A-team

Lina Andersson. Piteå Elit
Anna Dahlberg, Ã…sarna IK
Elin Ek, IFK Mora SK
Emelie Öhrstig, Piteå Elit

Jörgen Brink, IFK Umeå
Per Elofsson, IFK Umeå
Mathias Fredriksson, Östersunds SK
Thobias Fredriksson, Östersunds SK
Mats Larsson, Ã…sarna IK
Peter Larsson, Hudiksvalls IF
Björn Lind, Hudiksvalls IF
Johan Olsson, Ã…sarna IK
Anders Södergren, Östersunds SK
Mikael Östberg, Falun-Borlänge SK

Coaches/team leaders
Inge Bråten, Förbundskapten
Joakim Abrahamsson, assisterende Förbundskapten
Marie Svan
Ola Rawald
Thomas Alsgaard


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