Needs To Re-Grind The Gold Skis

FasterSkierDecember 31, 2005

Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet reports that Tore Ruud Hofstad's “gold skis” are no longer as fast as they used to be. Re-grinding is in the works.

Article with photo:

Tore Ruud Hofstad's (26) best ski pair is no longer gliding as they once used to. They are being sent in for a new grind less than two months before the Olympics. The ski pair which Tore Ruud Hofstad successfully used at the 2005 Worlds and in his first-ever World Cup victory in Kuusamo on November 27th, failed him in two races in Canada. First during his 53rd place in Vernon on December 10, and then during the 33rd place in Canmore on December 15.


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