Quotes From Top Athletes In Canmore

FasterSkierDecember 21, 2005

A few post-race quotes from the top skiers in last weekend's Canmore World Cups.

Source: FIS

After the Classic mass start race, won by Beckie Scott:

Beckie Scott: “I think I was a dream it was something you imagine but not expect to do. I'm just extremely happy I was able to rise to the occasion.”

Julija Tchepalova: “I was surprised about my race today. My goal was it to be under top 10 in today's race. During the race I was not thinking about anything I was just skiing. My skis were very fast today but, I felt tried.”

Claudia Kuenzel: “I started slow in today's race because I felt cold. On this difficult track I felt stronger and stronger as the race progressed. These cold conditions are normally not for me. I'm not sure if I'm going to start in tomorrow's race.”

After the 30K Classic Mass start won by Tobias Angerer

Tobias Angerer : ” It was hard and tough race because the temperatures today were so low and the tracks heavy. My goal today was to get up with the top five or six skiers and near the end of the race move up into first or second, and in the end my plan went perfectly. We have one third of the season over, and now I want to hold onto the yellow bib as long as I can, but it is not my big goal. I will do everything I can to have a good Olympics. Tomorrow I will not compete, I will go home and will take part at the German National Sprint Championships.”

Frode Estil: ” I'm not very surprised about my race. I'm in a good shape now. I hoped to be fighting for victory and I think I set the pace on some tough hills. But I was actually not tough enought. I tried to sprint on the last uphill but that weapon didn't work today.”

Jens Filbrich: ” It was a great race for the Germans and I have good feelings about today's race. I had good skis and will say “Thank you” to my technicians for making my ski fast and grip on the course. I'm going home now to and will then take part in Nove Mesto.”
After the team sprint, won by Germany (women) and Norway (men). Canada second in women's race.


Manuela Henkel: “The today's race was very important for me, especially after the race yesterday. But it was also quite tough for us on this track. Now we are happy. During the whole race I felt strong, but now I'm a little bit tried.”

Viola Bauer: “I was a very hard race because of the up hills but I felt good. I wanted to go second on the downhill, but the Canadian (Sara Renner) was behind me so I had to fight hard and she overtook me on the flat, but I kept fighting back to win”.

Sara Renner: “I wanted to be able to sneak up behind her and slingshot past her. I gave it a good fight. We are excited about the Olympics and are riding a wave all the way to Torino”.

Beckie Scott: “We tried this combination for the relay and it was successful; we gave it a tough fight.”


Jens Arne Svartedal: “We are happy to beat the strong Swedes.”

Eldar Roenning: “I was trying to stay behind to overtake in the end. The track, snow conditions and mountains are great. I've never been to a nicer place than this.”

Bjoern Lind: “It felt great, we had good control today. The plan was to come from second or third position and then move ahead, but we had to go from the lead. We're pretty happy with our race today. We'll try to beat the Norwegians at the Olympics. The course was not too tough. It was a bit cold out there today but nice.”I don't want to push Cristian. I only want to move to the side”.


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