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FasterSkierFebruary 1, 2006

3 x 30K First Places For Roberto De Zolt (see what De Zolt waxed with to win 3 races in 3 days)

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Birkie skiers, if you didn’t already know:
The top three men and the top two women in last year’s American Birkie raced on SOLDA glide wax. Why pay more when you can have the fastest for less?

SOLDA Marathon World Cup update:
Christina Paulselli of Italy has won the overall women’s title in the two first Marathon World Cup races of the season on SOLDA glide wax.

La Sqambeda Marathon December 18, 2005: Di Santo and Grandelis Tie For Win At La Sgambeda In Italy
Conditions: Air temperature -12 Celsius (10 Fahrenheit), snow temperature at the start -16 Celsius. Snow type: new/lightly transformed. Humidity 50%
Paluselli’s skis: SOLDA F-15 Violet as base, then one layer of SOLDA S20 covered by SOLDA HPO5 Fluor.
Other notables: Roberto de Zolt had waxed with the same SOLDA combination as Paluselli and was leading the men’s race from the start until he fell 10-meters from the finish (and ended up 6th)!

Jizerska Padeska January 15, 2006 Paluselli And Cattaneo Won Jizerska Padeska
Conditions: Snow temperature -8 Celsius (18 Fahrenheit), humidity 38%, sunny, snow: transformed and very packed
Paluselli’s skis: SOLDA F-15 Violet covered with SOLDA HPO5 Fluor

Other races: Roberto De Zolt won the Pustertaler Maraton. Snow partly transformed, snow temperature -21 C (-4 Fahrenheit), humidity 40%
De Zolt’s skis: Base of SOLDA F-15 Blue, covered with SOLDA HPO5 Fluor

SOLDA New 2005/2006 Waxes update:
The new SOLDA F40 Top race and the S30/HPO5 50/50 and 70/30 mix waxes are great and have already contributed to a number of top World Cup results.
Check them out at

For more info on the new waxes go to

For more info on SOLDA PowerJets and Spray Fluorocarbons go to

For more info on the new SOLDA bulk waxes go to

Email or call 435-645-8181 for a pricelist or to order.

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