Euro Bike Trip

FasterSkierOctober 2, 2006

Andre Watt, Adam Swank, Nikolai Anikin, and non-racing friend Jason Wall have completed our month long bike trip around Europe. It was a great trip. Road biking around Europe is the best. You have a virtually unlimited selection of bike friendly roads to choose from. You can climb all the mountains you want on low traffic roads. The cars don't drive very fast and are considerate of bikers. Additionally, all the cars are tiny. They have to be small to get through the supper narrow old town roads designed for horse and buggy. I could just imagine two hummers meeting up on one of these old narrow city streets. That would be funny to see. Even the semi trucks are smaller so its not very difficult for them to go around a cyclist.

We started our tour in Strasbourg, France. I have to say, there is an inordinately large percentage of beautiful women in that city, and France in general. We met an American named James who gave us a private showing of the city, including the European Parliament, and the start of the 2006 Tour De France. Thank you, James.


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