Lind Missing The Sprint Coach

FasterSkierOctober 11, 2006

The double Olympic gold medal winner Bjorn Lind of Sweden is missing having a sprint coach. Ola Rawald who quit the team to coach Chinese skiers has left a big void.

As of now the Swedish national team is without a designated sprint coach.

– We miss having someone guiding us regarding the sprint part. At this point we have to take care of everything on our own, says Bjorn Lind

But the team’s head coach Inge Braten isn’t concerned.

– The skiers themselves have the best knowledge and we have decided to have a small staff, says Braten

But Bjorn Lind misses the controlled and competition oriented training Rawald represented and he is demanding a new sprint coach way ahead of the 2010 Olympics. He claims that the current situation simply isn’t good enough in the long run.

Worlds in Japan is the most important competition this season and Lind knows that he is the one everyone is aiming to beat following his two gold medals.



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