TrainingStrength in Skiing With Zach Weatherford

FasterSkierDecember 14, 2006

Part 3 of 3. USST Strength coach Zach Weatherford demonstrates four key strength exercises.

The USST recently put out coaches education “Strength and Power Training” CD showing how to develop the strength and power they believe is needed for ski performance. The link to the CD :


Key Points:
• Look straight ahead, keeping one’s head and chest up — this aligns the spine, protecting it from injury.
• Keep weight equally distributed between both feet.
• Push through one’s feet. Don’t get up on your toes!


4 Lifts. All Coach Weatherford Approved. Just remember to… Keep it simple… Get a coach to get the technique down… Emphasize multi-joint movements… Don’t substitute strength for sport training. )

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