World Cup Leader Ronning: Easier to repeat success

FasterSkierDecember 27, 2006

Eldar Rœnning feels that it’s easier to repeat success than to create it, and believes that this could be one of the reasons why he has won two 15-kilometer classic World Cup races in a row and is the current World Cup leader.

– I’m in the zone at the moment. Some has been a little luck, but mostly it’s (a result of) hard work over a long period, says the current men’s World Cup leader, Eldar Rœnning of Norway.

Eldar Rœnning has surprised everyone this season. He has logged three World Cup victories so far and is the overall World Cup leader, ahead of roommate Tor Arne Hetland. talked to him on a (very) bad mobile connection from the Italian Alps. He was on his way from Cogne, Italy to La Clusaz, France along with the rest of the Norwegian team.

– I’m best in the World at the moment, says Rœnning, without sounding like he believes that himself.

– I have seen the progress myself all summer and fall. Some is a bit random, but it’s easier to repeat success when you are in the famous ”zone” that I feel like I’m in right now, says Eldar.

Favorite in Tour de Ski

He is now focused on not stressing too much and become too gung-ho. It’s easy to overdo things and go too hard when you are trying for success.

– I have to just do well in one race at a time, says Ronning.

The challenge to keep the yellow leader jersey will be huge. But it’s no doubt that having that jersey means you are automatically a favorite to win the entire Tour de Ski.

– It’s a challenge since I don’t know quite what to expect. It’s new. It will be tough.

– I have trained a lot of skating toward distance races this year. That might help me. I can feel the progress.

He also has one World Cup victory in skating this season. That happened in the Dusseldorf sprint race.

– I plan on training well through Christmas to maintain my current fitness level. The Tour de Ski could be very exciting, says the World Cup leader.



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