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FasterSkierMarch 14, 2007

To our readers:
We know that you have come to rely on us as the source for cross country ski racing information. It is our primary goal to make sure that continues to thrive, and to make it even better in years to come. With that in mind…

North America's premier website for cross country skiers,, is up for sale! With its large readership, high brand awareness, and impressive advertiser support, is a great business opportunity in the cross-country ski community.’s mission is to promote the sport of cross country skiing and, specifically, xc ski racing. We report on races and results, but we also focus on the training, the beauty of skiing, and the personalities that make cross country skiing such a wonderful sport. It makes it more fun to read and follow racing when you know what’s going on behind the scenes! Stats, founded in 2002 right before the Salt Lake Olympics, offers year-round daily cross country skiing news from North America and around the World. has up to 10,000 daily readers and 30,000 unique monthly readers. During the winter, averages over 20,000 page views each day. Approximately 85% percent of the readership is from North America. The remaining 15% is primarily from the skiing countries of Scandinavia, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. readers are racers, coaches, recreational skiers, parents and athletes from many other endurance sports. Our readers are health-conscious, well-educated and enjoy travel. has news exchange agreements with the most popular European cross-country skiing websites.

Great business potential advertisers recognize that our website is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to reach the cross-country ski market.
Internet advertising is undoubtly the future for not only cross-country ski related businesses, but for any business that wants to target people with an active, healthy lifestyle. as a business would be ideal for a ski enthusiast (or group of enthusiasts) who enjoys following cross-country ski racing and training, and likes to write. The desire to travel and the desire to interview other skiers and coaches are helpful attributes as well.

The key in being successful is contingent upon two factors: producing interesting articles and finding advertisers. Knowledge of marketing is therefore a big would also be a good investment for an existing ski-related business looking to expand their marketing and show their commitment to the ski community.

The readership is already established, and steadily increasing, and the 2010 Olympics are in North America!

The price? is a real business with huge potential. We are only interested in discussing a possible purchase price with someone who realizes this and is seriously interested in buying and running a business in the years to come. If you are interested, please email us a short resume about yourself, your interest and intention. You’ll be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement if we open a discussion with you.

Full ownership or majority ownership with the current owners retaining part-ownership can both be discussed. Please contact Cory Smith at if you are interested.

Cory Smith
Torbjorn Karlsen


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