Chris Jeffries and Dasha Gaizova win Canadian Nationals 10/15km Classical Race

FasterSkierMarch 22, 2007

National Team skiers Chris Jeffries and Dasha Gaiazova won the 10/15km Classical Canadian National Championships. It was a beautiful winter day at Mont St. Anne, Qubec on Wednesday with temperatures warming from -20 Celsius in the early morning to -5 Celsius at race time.

Despite the cold temperatures and firm tracks, the challenging course combined with a bit of loose snow in the tracks made for a good upper body workout on the 5km race loop.

It was a tight race for the men’s title between Jeffries, Graham Nishikawa, and Ivan Babikov. Jefferies time split on the first lap was 30 seconds faster than the entire field on the first lap, but Nishikawa made up the difference with a strong second lap.

In the end, Jefferies was victorious with a time of 41:06.4, just 4.8 seconds ahead of Nishikawa, 41:11.2. Babikov was third in 41:24.7 ahead of junior Alex Harvey, 41:30.8. Justin Freeman was the top US skier, finishing 8th in 42:03.7.

Dasha Gaiazova earned her second win of the Championship posting the fastest split times for both laps to win in 31:24.0. Tasha Betcherman had the next best time in both laps to earn second with a time of 31:45.1. The battle for third was tight between Milaine Theriault, 32:15.8 and junior Brittany Webster, 32:18.0. Ida Sargent was the top US skier, finishing in 21st, 34:22.8.

The Canadian Nationals continue on Friday with a Classical Sprint.

Men’s 15km Classical Race
1 Chris Jeffries Nakkertok T2007 0:41:06.4
2 Graham Nishikawa Whitehorse Cross Country T2010 0:41:11.2 +4.8
3 Ivan Babikov Foothills Nordic 0:41:24.7 +18.3
4 Alex Harvey Club Nordique M.S.A. T2014 0:41:30.8 +24.4
5 Dave Nighbor North Bay Nordic T2010 0:41:32.5 +26.1
6 Brent McMurtry Foothills Nordic 0:41:40.4 +34.0
7 Michael Argue Yellowknife Ski 0:41:55.8 +49.4
8 Justin Freeman Subaru Factory Team 0:42:03.7 +57.3
9 Dan Roycroft Arrowhead Nordic T2010 0:42:10.1 +1:03.7
10 Chris Butler Big Thunder Nordic NTDC 0:42:17.2 +1:10.8

Women’s 10km Classical Race
1 175 Dasha Gaiazova Skiélite T2007 0:31:24.0
2 179 Tasha Betcherman Lappe Nordic 0:31:45.1 +21.1
3 169 Milaine Theriault Foothills Nordic 0:32:14.4 +50.4
4 178 Brittany Webster Highlands Trailblazers T2014 0:32:15.8 +51.8
5 183 Madeleine Williams Edmonton Nordic T2010 0:32:18.0 +54.0
6 180 Shayla Swanson Foothills Nordic 0:32:21.9 +57.9
7 168 Jacquelyn Benson Caledonia 0:32:30.6 +1:06.6
8 182 Tara Whitten Edmonton Nordic INDi2010 0:32:41.8 +1:17.8
9 170 Perianne Jones Nakkertok T2010 Open Women 0:32:52.9 +1:28.9
10 164 Karla Mika Highlands Trailblazers INDi2010 0:32:58.5 +1:34.5

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Photos by Bryan Fish


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