New biathlon stadium in Saransk-RUS

FasterSkierAugust 1, 20071

Over the last few days a splendid new biathlon complex was added to world biathlon sites.
A new modern biathlon center in the Mordovian capital Saransk (Russia — 650 km South from Moscow) was the venue for the opening of the Russian Summer Biathlon Championships. The super-sprint and super-pursuit were included.

The new complex meets all the IBU requirements. The complex consists of: a 30-place shooting range equipped with artificial lighting and electronic targets by Kurvinen, a “Siwidata” timing system, a stationary notice board, an administrative building with a hotel, classrooms, a medical center, and timing center, a 2500 seat spectators area, a roller track of interesting profile which meets IBU requirements, extending ideal conditions for participating in winter biathlon.

Numerous Olympic and world champions of Mordovia were present at the opening of the biathlon complex. Spectators greeted fellow countrymen biathlonist Olympic champion Alexandr Yelisarov, six-time Olympic champion cross-country skier Ljubov Yegorova, Olympic champion long distance runner Pjotr Bolotnikov, and others with a storm of applause.

Mr. Nikolai Merkushkin the President of the Mordovian Republic, speaking at the opening ceremony of the biathlon complex, promised state help for further development of the complex. The hope is for it become an internationally recognized biathlon center.

By commissioning the biathlon center, the Russian Biathlon union proceeded with implementation of their broad biathlon development program. According to the development program, modern centers will be set up in St.Petersburgh, Sochi, Samara, Rybinsk, Vladimir, Krasnoyorsk, and Tjumen.



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