Contribute your thoughts: IOC launches Virtual Olympic Congress

FasterSkierJanuary 18, 2008

Now it is the time tell the IOC what you think! The International Olympic Committee is getting ready for the next Olympic Congress, to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in October 2009. The title of the 13th Olympic Congress will be “The Olympic Movement in Society.” In order to integrate the public-at-large in its proceedings on the future of the Olympic Movement, the IOC has officially launched a public consultation process. This is the first time in the history of Olympic Congresses that the general public can submit their views on the topics under consideration.

Through the online platform available at, the general public can comment on the five main themes of the Congress. These are: the athletes, the Olympic Games, the structure of the Olympic Movement, Olympism and Youth, and the Digital Revolution. Each of the five main themes has three sub-themes. Some of these include the social and professional life of athletes during and after elite competition, youth sports events and communication with stakeholders in the digital age.

Many of the themes closely relate to the extended FIS family. This is an extraordinary chance to provide feedback to the IOC and thereby contribute to the future of the Olympic Movement. The deadline for submissions is 31st December, 2008. A submission can be up to 1000 words in length, together with a 150 word summary. Registration on the website is required.

Source: FIS


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