Team Toko Wins the Equinox Ski Challenge with 388km Effort

FasterSkierMarch 28, 2008

Skiing through conditions ranging from 30 degree and bright sun to -20
degree moonlit trails, Paula Hudson, Roxanne Toly and Inge Travis
teamed up to win the 2008 Equinox Ski Challenge. The three women
skied a total of 388km in 24 hours, topping the field of 50 entrants.
Randy Anderson took the 24 hour solo division with a 269km ski and
amazingly looked ready for a few more laps on Sunday morning!

Both Anderson and Team Toko were able to ski consistent times on the 9km
courses despite the cold weather overnight and the temptation of
longer pit stops by the all night bonfire. Anderson was followed
closely for the first 12 hours by Ben Fick of the University of Utah
but took just five 20 minute breaks throughout the entire 24 hours
which was unmatched by the other soloists. Consistency was key for
the Toko Team as well. Though each had longer to rest than Anderson,
all three team members skied lap times that were within 3 minutes of
their fastest throughout the entire event.

Aside from the incredible efforts by these athletes, a mix of novice
and expert skiers enjoyed the 6 hour race, the evening potluck, spring
skiing and great weather during the daytime. Also of note were the
volunteer efforts by the Lone Mountain Ranch 24 Hour team and William
Deleo taking the 6 hour solo division with a 100km effort.


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